Team Workshops

I work with teams to build strong foundations and meaningful relationships so you can increase employee engagement and efficiency and maximize your impact.

team management workshops

Team Culture Reset

A team culture is never set in stone. It is always evolving and should be consistently evaluated and reset. Culture is how you do things - how you communicate, make decisions, give feedback and what you prioritize. During this workshop, you’ll work through exercises to review and establish your team’s purpose, values, available resources and working norms.

Who is it for: Newly composed teams, teams launching a new project, or teams that haven’t reflected on their culture in 6+ months.


  • Clearly defined team purpose
  • Audit of team strengths and challenges
  • Revised working norms and expectations
  • Audit of meetings and processes

Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are personal. They are hard to have because they force us to confront our feelings, fears, identity and values. This workshop introduces a framework to help you plan for and execute tough conversations. Those conversations you know you should have, but you avoid. The relationships where trust has been broken, but would really benefit from being restored. The situations where your expectations weren’t met. Team members will have the opportunity to reflect, plan and role play to turn difficult conversations into transformative ones.

Who is it for: Any team that wants to invest in a strong, healthy culture.


  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased understanding of different perspectives/ experiences
  • Restored trust

Using MBTI™ (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) to Understand and Adapt Communication Styles

Team members will learn about the 4 dichotomies that create the 16 Myers Briggs Personality Types. During this workshop, you will reflect on your individual preferences, learn about teammates’ preferences and explore how varied preferences impact team dynamics. We’ll dive into how and why you communicate the way you do and how you can adapt your style to more effectively work with others.

Who is it for: Any team of 3 or more people that wants to level-up communication and create an inclusive environment where all personality types can thrive.


  • Increased understanding of different preferences/ experiences
  • Improved collaboration
  • Better team meetings
  • Increased efficiency

Ready to host an event that will galvanize your team to work better together?


After two workshops, Allie’s team learned the value of effective communication and implemented changes on an individual and team level.

“Alex led two trainings for my team— one on communication styles and one on difficult conversations. My team was extremely engaged and many individuals changed their beliefs around communication— they really learned to view it as a skill that can be worked on and improved. My Program Managers appreciated the structured time and framework Alex shared to role play tough conversations we were preparing to have with peers and direct reports. Her coaching during the session was very insightful!”

- Alli, Program Director