One-on-One Management Coaching

Ready to make a real difference? Personalized leadership development isn’t reserved for the C-Suite. Managers at all levels deserve the investment and support of a coach.

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with your work while learning how to be a good manager “on the job?” Are you not even sure how to begin to develop your team much less your own leadership abilities?

Wouldn’t it feel empowering to stop trying to “do it all” and start creating a clear, strategic leadership plan and have the confidence and knowledge to execute it?

Together, we will make that shift...

Working with me in my one-on-one management coaching program is the most powerful way to gain the clarity and confidence you need to become a great leader who makes a true difference in the lives of your team, today and tomorrow.

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The Manager Coach Approach

I will guide you through the four stages of my proven framework, providing assignments and support all along the way. I’ll be your partner through it all-- role-playing with you, encouraging you, holding you accountable and asking you the tough questions so you can push yourself and become a manager who makes a difference. Hover over each step below to learn more...



I’ll lead you through exercises to reflect on your strengths, challenges, communication preferences and leadership style. The goal during this time is to deepen your self-awareness and learn from previous challenges.



We’ll develop a management plan to help you work towards your vision for your team. This will include bite-sized, actionable, measurable goals that you can start implementing right away.



Practice makes progress. It takes practice and repetition to get comfortable with any new skill. We’ll spend a lot of our 1:1 time role-playing conversations. Rinse and repeat!



It’s time to put your reflecting, planning and practicing to work! This is when you actually give the feedback to or have the difficult conversation with your employee.

Kellie struggled to bust through her mindset blocks, but now she knows just how to harness her unique strengths and lead her team with intention.

“Alex is thoughtful, measured, and wonderful at probing to get to the heart of the issue. She asked helpful questions that allowed me to uncover some of my own barriers, then provided valuable guidance and frameworks on how to address them. I learned about my strengths and challenges as a leader, helpful tools for giving better feedback, and some really valuable ways to make the most of my time and stick to a schedule that works for me.”

- Kellie, Founder and CEO of DEI Collective

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The Investment

1:1 Management Coaching starts at $1,495. Make sure to take advantage of your company’s professional development stipend. If you don’t have a yearly stipend, here is a template you can use to ask your company to pay for your development!

Why should you invest in management coaching?


You’ll learn to bridge the communication gap.

Do you avoid tough conversations in the workplace? A lot of people do. A lack of straightforward communication leads people to make assumptions and gossip, disrupts workflows and can create a negative team culture.


You’ll get unbiased, personalized support.

Take advantage of new knowledge you will learn and put it right into practice within your team. I will hold you accountable as you begin to translate your intentions into action.


You’ll boost team engagement and satisfaction.

Managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement, but only 38% of employees report being engaged. Investing in manager development is an investment in your entire team.

Marisa went from feeling unprepared for check-in’s with her first employee to knowing exactly what to say and how to communicate effectively.

“Alex was incredibly helpful in helping me prepare for my first ever round of employee check-in meetings. Alex began by learning what my goals were for these meetings, then helped me tailor agendas accordingly. She helped me think through the questions I wanted to ask them and how to word feedback so that it would be constructive and well-received. As a first time manager, these types of conversations are new to me, so Alex’s insight was truly invaluable for keeping spirits high with my employee and ending on a positive note with my intern.”

- Marisa, Founder of The Neon Tea Party

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I work with new and middle managers, founders and emerging leaders. If you’re eager to make a difference for the people you work with and lead a happy, effective team, then we may be the perfect fit.

There is no previous “working with a coach” experience required! If you want to be a great manager, are open to getting outside of your comfort zone and welcome a consistent accountability partner, you’ll likely be a great fit for management coaching!

We’ll meet weekly or bi-weekly over Zoom* to dive deep into your management sticky points. In addition to our coaching sessions, you get access to a private Slack channel (just you and me!) where you can message me questions and get in-the-moment coaching. Our Slack channel is also where I’ll share resources and customized templates with you. (*Potentially in person if you’re located in Brooklyn or Manhattan).

3 months, 1-2 hours a week. It takes time to build new muscles and your management muscle is no different. Over the 3 months you’ll have time to reflect, try new strategies, build your confidence, learn from your mistakes and try again. All the while getting feedback and support from me.

Definitely! You can get immediate access with monthly payments starting at $575.

Yay! If you’re interested in working with me, fill out my inquiry form and select the 1:1 management coaching option. If we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule a 20 minute consultation call to get to know each other and establish your goals for coaching. Then, I’ll provide you with our contract and the invoice.