Professional development… it’s personal.

My one-on-one management coaching and leadership workshops go deep. In order to make the changes you’re seeking, we have to go there. After all, great management is great relationship management and relationships are personal.

Professional development coaching for managers

I will work with you to unstick the sticky spots in your professional relationships that are preventing you from working together authentically and effectively. Just consider me your friendly, unbiased, judgment-free cheerleader and accountability partner!

Here’s what I can promise you’ll gain by working with me…



Building clarity around who you are as a leader gives you clear steps forward. I will help you identify your strengths, blindspots, and values and help you define the unique difference you want to make.



Take advantage of new skills and awareness you will develop and put it right into practice within your team. I will hold you accountable as you begin to translate your intentions into action.



The deeper your self-awareness as a leader, the more confidence you will build. I will fill your management toolbox so you can communicate and lead more confidently.



Shift your perspective to radically transform your management style. I will encourage you to look at challenges as opportunities for learning, connection and growth.

Annie transformed from a nervous new manager into a confident communicator her team trusts.

“Alex raised thoughtful questions and prompted me to think more deeply about how I work with and manage others. As a first time manager seeking support as I begin to oversee others, Alex helped me work through how to launch new relationships in the workplace. I walked into a new work experience feeling more equipped to ask questions that would facilitate trust and open communication between me and the folks I'm managing.”

- Annie, Senior Policy Analyst

How We Can Work Together

1:1 Management Coaching

one-on-one management coaching

Leadership development isn’t one-size-fits all. Managing people is personal! My one-on-one management coaching is customized to help you develop your self-awareness, define your leadership style, and fill your toolbox with strategies to effectively lead others.

Team Workshops

team management workshops

Does your team have healthy conflicts and understand, respect and adapt to one another’s communication styles? In a virtual or in-person setting, I guide your team to get to the heart of the issue, help you build a strong foundation and foster meaningful relationships.

Are we a good fit? Here are the people I work with...



Maybe you just got promoted to a management role or you’re a middle manager with some experience. Either way, you feel overwhelmed and tired of “winging it” with your team.

What you’re looking for is knowledge and a strategy on how to be a great manager for your team so you can finally step into your role as a leader who can make a real difference.



You grew your own business and now you’re at the place where you’re trying to run your business AND manage people… it feels like a lot of work and you’re just not sure how to delegate.

What you’re looking for is support so you can balance your own workload while still being an efficient people manager and step into the role as a true visionary of your business!


Emerging Leaders

You don’t currently manage anyone, but management is definitely in your future. You are a go-getter who takes initiative and is eager to improve any project or team you’re a part of!

What you’re looking for is coaching to develop your leadership skills NOW so that when you start managing a team you are confident and prepared to hit the ground running.

Ready to cut through overwhelm and step into your leadership potential?

My Values