Great managers aren’t born. They’re made.

Great management and leadership skills aren't an innate, you either have them or you don’t, kind of thing. They can be learned and developed over time.

Being a manager who makes a difference is possible for anyone who is committed to personal growth, eager to build meaningful relationships at work and is ready to confidently and effectively lead others.

Hello, I’m Alex!

I am an experienced manager, coach and teacher with a passion for helping people work better together.

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Look, I get it! Working better with other people can be HARD. You are a human being after all, and you bring all of yourself to your work– your emotions, fears, assumptions, expectations and past experiences.

Here is what I’ve learned: there are three components to effective leadership.

The first and most critical component is to consistently seek to understand yourself more deeply. What are your strengths and challenges? How do you prefer to communicate? What are your motivations and fears?

Second, you must cultivate an understanding of the people you lead. What are their motivations? What are they passionate about? How do they prefer to be communicated with?

And lastly, you must build a bridge to strategically fill the gap between your differences. The bridge is your ability to adapt your communication style, customize your management strategies and establish a working relationship in a way that feels good for you and the other person.

The good news is: becoming a strong leader is possible and great management is no longer reserved just for the C-Suite. As a manager at any level, you have the ability to empower your team to make a massive impact and have an amazing experience doing it.

How I Can Help You

As your coach, my goal is to empower you to lead in a way that is authentically you. I help you uncover your strengths and implement management tools and strategies so you can build a happy, healthy and inclusive team.

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My Story

During training for my first management role, I found out I would be managing 12 people. I thought, wow okay, 12 is a double-digit number, but I can do this. After all, I had just overcome the massive challenge of building relationships with 120 teenagers as an English Language Arts teacher. I thought, how hard could managing adults be?

It was hard.

I’m grateful to this day for the patience and grace my team gave me as I climbed the steep learning curve of managing them. I learned the importance of setting and managing expectations, how NOT to have a difficult conversation, and how to communicate effectively across differences.

I brought what I learned when I changed jobs and really focused on starting strong with my new team. I became fascinated with analyzing team dynamics and problem solving, along with ways to more efficiently work together in a way that left everyone feeling valued and respected.

Inspired to deepen my management knowledge and skill set, I pursued my masters degree at NYU Wagner’s School of Public Service. I loved that the program focused on developing leaders and organizations within the context of making the world a better place for all people. I chose an MPA because I wanted to study management and leadership through the lens of how to make equitable change.

The more I learned about and experienced the challenges of management, the more I saw the need for support for new and middle managers. There is no shortage of coaching for executives; companies spend billions of dollars on professional development each year, but managers and teams still struggle.

And so The Manager Coach was born. Personalized, unbiased support and coaching for managers who are on the ground making sh*t happen. I’ve been there and I know that you are literally keeping the ship afloat. You deserve respect. You deserve training. You deserve a coach.

What Lights Me Up

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Coffee Dates

The kind when you lose track of time with someone because you’re so present!

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Dance Cardio

Catch me on the 305 Fitness dance floor at least 4x a week sweating and smiling.

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Personality Tests

I’m obsessed with trying to understand myself and others (I’m an ESTJ, Enneagram 8).

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My greatest memory is seeing Uluru at sunrise and learning about Aborginal Australians.

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I was raised in Queens, live in Brooklyn now, and I'm proud to be from this incredibly diverse city.

Great Stories

I could talk about character motivations and alternative endings all day!